Our Gear

Since we are going to have to spend the next few years or so living out of our backpacks, we thought we would share what we are actually bringing – if only for your general amusement. No doubt we have packed lots of the wrong stuff and not enough of others,  but we figured we would put it all down here,  it will help us to:

  • Remember how we started out
  • See what gets stolen
  • Find out what is actually important
  • Share the pain

Megumi’s PackList

You can see everything Megumi bought below. (Check-in weight 20.8kg.)


Scott’s PackList

This is all the stuff that Scott brought along (Check-in weight 18.4 kg)



Sept 3: Just as a brief update Megumi has already had to send stuff home! Lugging around half her bodyweight was getting slightly ridiculous!

Oct 20: Actually had to do a second postpack home for similar reasons 😉 We are getting there though!