About Us

Since becoming fused at the hip in 2004, Scott & Megumi have managed to explore most of Japan’s 47 prefectures and much of South East Asia, all within the limited confines of the Japanese holiday calendar. Now, in their own respective bids to stave of mid life crises and stagnation, their goal is to explore the frontiers beyond. A mission in search of new challenges, stimulation and perspectives – to tease out the historic & cultural wonder of new countries & to simply experience and admire the new, the magical and the different.

No flies on... oh!

No flies on... oh!

Scott (aka Nev)

As an Australian born in bush NSW on a large sheep & wheat property, Scott has ventured far from the proverbial tree. Having spent the last 14 years farming the bountiful virtual fields of marketing and the Internet as a consultant and executive roaming across Asia. Scott lived in Sydney for many years, followed by a brief stint in Hong Kong, before settling in Tokyo, Japan where he met Megumi & has been living since 2001.

With an eclectic taste for the unusual and quite partial to anything of an electronic, visionary, historical or psychedelic orientation; Scott is an escapist extraordinaire, a media / knowledge junkie with a compulsion to map & comprehend. So in a desperate bid to in part stave off mid-life inertia and actually make some progress on that great path to enlightenment;  Scott is finally getting off the couch – to interact rather than consume; to experience rather than observe; to immerse himself in the real, rather than the virtual and most importantly mix more magic and soul with the science! He for one can’t wait to see what comes out the other side…



Megumi, P-Chan & her wine

A native of Shizouka prefecture Japan, Megumi trained as a classical pianist under the shadows of Mt Fuji, before throwing it all in to study psychology in the States. 6  years later she reared her head – fluent in english and an empath, remarkably adept at self diagnosis. After a year living in Europe (Holland & Italy) she returned to Japan and embarked on a career spanning translation, technical writing, gaming, internet/software development and online marketing. 10 years on, she is quite sick of the virtual and desperate to break from the urban, desensitized treadmill that can be work life in Tokyo.

With a fine eye for photography and a lust for new linguistic challenges, wines, tastes, fashions and flavours, Megumi definitely represents the culinary, style and refined passions in this little adventure. Additionally as a closet mountaineer with a secret dare-devil streak and a perchant for all things feline – expect Megumi to keep the travel tales especially vivid, tasty and interesting!

To track us down or find out more on any of this, contact us care of  info@meltingplots.com